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Bespoke designs tailored for your needs

Fresh Flower Bridal Bouquet


Fresh flower bridal bouquet and a complimentary set of matching hair flowers to create your gorgeous bridal image. A vase will also be provided to keep your blooms fresh overnight. 

Best for: Wedding day

Photo 22-12-2017, 2 09 52 PM.jpg

Silk Flower Bridal Bouquet


Bespoke silk flower bridal bouquet. Close-to-real textured silk flower bouquet suitable for any event. 

Best for: Pre-wedding shoot, Overseas wedding, Wedding registration (throwing)

Photo 8-4-2018, 10 31 37 AM.jpg


$100 - $180

Fresh flower or silk flower boutonnieres. These little sweethearts complement perfectly with your guests' occasion wear. 

Best for: Groom, groomsmen, parents, VIPs


Wrislet Corsage

$180 - $280

Fresh flower or silk flower wristlet corsage tailored to be a nice touch for your best-dressed female guests. 

Best for: Sisters, bridesmaids, parents, VIPs


Fresh Flower Basket


Looking for something fresh and chic? Our hand-picked seasonal fresh flower basket is your answer to any flower-worthy celebrations!

Best for: Any special occasions


Fresh Flower Gift Bouquet

$1080 - $1880

Send your special one a sweet bunch of gift-wrapped flowers to express your love! Flowers speak louder than words. Prices vary depending on size.

Best for: Any special occasions

Photo 22-4-2018, 10 25 55 AM.jpg

Silk Flower Gift Bouquet

$880 - $1380

How about sending a bunch of everlasting blooms as an alternative? Prices vary depending on size.

Best for: Any special occasions

Photo 19-11-2017, 12 25 34 PM.jpg

Silk Flower Bridesmaid Box


Price includes

Personalised Bridesmaid Giftbox
Silk Flower Bridesmaid Bouquet
Personalised Bridesmaid Invitation Card
Personalised Bangle
Bridesmaid Tattoo Sticker
Pink Salt Soap bar by @yourdailymuse_soapworks



Bespoke floral designs

Come chat with us for any other floral design needs you may have. You may also refer to "Our Services" for details.

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